Putting Baby To Sleep: Magic Minute Massage Simple Technique
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Putting Baby To Sleep: Magic Minute Massage Simple Technique

How are you putting baby to sleep? Getting your baby to sleep sometimes can be one of the hardest challenges you’ll face. Your baby wants to be with you where they feel safe and relaxed. After a tiring day, the last thing you want is a crying unhappy baby. So how do you help your baby go to sleep?

Putting baby to sleep should not feel like a battle.

If you face this problem, there is a solution that really works, we call it the “magic minute massage” Get your little angel off into dreamland within a minute by using this face and head massage. Dress your baby comfortably, ensure his/her stomach is full and start the “magic minute massage”.

Want to see the procedure? Watch Mom putting baby to sleep in this 90s clip shared by French magazine Pour Nous Femmes which has acquired 3m views and 50k shares. The high number of views and shares show how many parents are struggling and searching for ways to help get their baby to sleep.

Simple technique, use the “magic minute massage” to put your baby to sleep fast. It’s so easy to try, use your fingers to massage your baby’s forehead, top of head, back of the head and face. Simple and fast. You’ll be surprised how fast your baby will relax and hopefully fall asleep.

Don’t spend sleepless nights anymore trying to put your baby to sleep. The magic massage is being used successfuly by many parents from around the world. Putting your baby to sleep doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it fun and relaxing. Try the “magic minute massage” a simple trick to putting baby to sleep.

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