The Mind Body Wellness Connection in Weight Loss

The Mind Body Wellness Connection in Weight Loss

Hello fit bodies! Mind body wellness connection, this is part 1 in a twenty-part series designed to help you better understand Serious Weight Loss For Women.

Has weight loss been a frustrating struggle as you try one thing after another to shed those extra pounds?

Truth is this happens to most of us. So you’re certainly not alone.

Mark today on your calendar because it can truly be a turning point in your life. For anyone, anywhere who has been fighting the weight loss battle, this can change everything. That’s because we’re going to delve into the mind body wellness connection – the secret to overcoming the most common and challenging obstacles women face today in losing those unwanted pounds and keeping them off for good.

Maybe the concept of “mind body wellness” sounds a little mysterious or mystical. But it’s actually evidence-based, so it makes a lot of sense to open your mind to this cutting edge concept. Medical science has evolved over time and now places a far greater significance on the relationship between mind and body and the need to harmonize the two the boost one’s overall health and wellness.

Previously, the emphasis on losing weight focused solely on the physical aspect because it was something you could measure with a scale. Of course numbers matter – achieving and maintaining your ultimate what weight is what you’re shooting for. Now, when you try to wiggle into your favorite pair of skinny jeans that used to fit like a glove, your thoughts turn to, “what have I let happen to my body?”

But, here’s the thing. Today’s research suggests that your mind is a powerful tool for losing weight – but it can work for you or against you.  Yes, your mind can be your greatest ally or enemy when it comes to weight loss.

Used effectively, the mind body wellness collection helps you achieve your ideal weight.

But your brain can actually get in the way and prevent your body from losing the weight you sincerely desire.

How does it work? In this article, we’ll introduce the key mind body wellness issues – issues that we’ve probably all experienced in our lives that may actually be hindering your weight loss results – despite your best intentions. We will also offer a few simple solutions to make a course correction, so you can actually get the results you want.

Problem # 1: Toxic Stress

Stress is the number one problem when it comes to weight loss. If you don’t know how to manage it- stress can become toxic.

Not only does stress impact you mentally and emotionally, it also affects you physically. Some refer to this as “physiological stress” and it impairs your ability to melt away those extra pounds. Mind body wellness is interconnected. What’s going on in the mind impacts the body.

Whenever you’re stressed out, the brain transmits an emergency distress signal throughout your body. It’s the “fight or flight” response that takes over immediately and your body switches gears into survival mode.

What happens next is you feel drained. You’re wiped out – exhausted. And your body feels fatigued most of the time – even without doing anything physical. Naturally, this throws a monkey wrench into your Serious Weight Loss For Women. When you’re zapped of all that extra energy, you’ve got nothing left in the tank. Burning off any excess weight and achieving the body of your dreams remains just that – a dream.

Toxic stress levels can actually prevent you from shedding unwanted pounds.

Forget about losing weight if your stress levels are out of control. Your mind is actually obstructing you.  In times of stress, it acts to protect you by preserving any additional energy and resources. It’s a physiological emergency and your body reacts this way. So before you can lose weight – you’ll need to ease up on your stress levels.

But how can you stop stress from getting the best of you? You can learn to manage your stress more effectively. It isn’t difficult either. Here are three simple steps to manage stress:

Step 1: Pinpoint the cause of your stress. Think about it track the root cause. Be honest with yourself.

Step 2: If your stress stems from a work, or a problem at home, what steps can you take to address it? Try identifying the problem and possible action steps you can take so it won’t get the best of you anymore.

Step 3: If your stress has no immediate solution or it seems to come from the daily pressures of life (for example – taking care of young children), then it’s crucial that you learn to separate yourself from the stress – at least in the moment.

Get away from the stress whenever you can. If you’re ready to explode, use that as your cue and take a five-minute walk outside. Another option is to find a quiet space and try to relax by doing something you enjoy. Stepping away from the stress – even temporarily – can work wonders in your life. It calms you down and provides fresh reboot.

Problem # 2: No Tension Release

Just like stress, tension can continue to build up in your body. If you don’t have an outlet to release the tension – it’s going to cause problems for you.

When tension reaches the tipping point, you can’t properly focus and this makes it nearly impossible to create the lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight and get back the body you want.

But you can overcome this obstacle with regular tension release.

Burn off some steam so your mind-body connection can work for you instead of against you. Many people feel fatigued at work simply because they have no obvious outlet for all that tension that builds up. Tension affects their minds and bodies and it becomes too much to bear and they’re about to explode.

Having a “tension outlet” can greatly improve your life and help you achieve new goals.

Choose activities that allow you to release tension without inflicting harm on your body. Alcohol and tobacco are not the answer. Those only mask the problem and compromise your health down the line.

Much better tension busters include:

  • Playing Sports/ Physical Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Yoga/ Stretching
  • Writing/Journaling
  • Traveling
  • Cooking
  • Arts and Crafts

Problem # 3: Not Believing In Yourself  

Beliefs are choices. And your beliefs about your abilities to lose weight definitely impact your results.

If you believer you can – you can. Conversely, if you don’t believe that you can do it in the first place – you’re doomed before you stare. What you believe is what you become.

Mind experts – like those immersed in body language and the subconscious mind, have found that if you believe that you can do something, you’ve already turned the corner and are halfway towards it. Belief is the foundational requirement.

But not believing in you produces a result too. But it’s not the result you want if your goal is to lose weight.

To lose weight and keep it off for good, strengthen your mind-body connection. Trust yourself and believe that you can achieve whatever weight you desire and you can get there.

It’s never enough to just say that you believe in something. You’ve got to make it an unquestionable belief. Something that’s deeply ingrained. You’ve got to believe it heart and soul.

It’s also critical to reaffirm your belief every day. Use it to motivate yourself to achieve the body you know you can have. Condition your mind with beliefs and mindset that support you in your weight loss goals.

Remember, your mind can be your friend and ally in weight loss plans – when you use it to your advantage. Your mind body wellness connection is the underlying key to successfully losing unwanted weight and looking and feeling your best.

I will see all of you again on the next post. Stay safe and stay fit!

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