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The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, also known as the Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat protects your newborn rear-facing from 4 to 50 lbs and forward-facing toddlers up to 65 lbs. This car seat is your all in one solution for your infant and toddler. 

Having a child is scary at times. There are times where I wish I could just put my babies inside a safety bubble when they get up in the morning just to keep them safe. The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat may not be a safety bubble, but it’s not far off. This car seat is going to keep your child safe for a long long time. 

The Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat has a little something for everyone. We all know you are looking for safety, but there are other great features that are included in addition to being a top-notch safe car seat. Let’s dive into what makes this car seat special.

$161.49 Note: Price subject to change without notice. Check Amazon for today's best price!

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

At the end of the day, safety is your number one concern as a parent. I mean, think how many times you rescue your kid from a potential injury every day? I especially find this true as they head into the toddler years and somehow have no fear of anything, ever. No, you can't be with them every minute of the day but you definitely want to take every precaution that you can.

One thing that is certain is keeping your child rear facing as long as possible in a car seat is the safest way for them to ride in a car. The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat does that and much more. Beyond having impeccable safety features, your child can remain rear-facing up to 50 pounds in the Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat. That's a huge safety feature that many other car seat models cannot accommodate!

It’s all in the details with the Extend2Fit. From rear-facing longer to its ability to adjust to fit your toddler, this car seat covers all your child's stages of growth. Let’s check out the extensive details and features of this convertible car seat.

Rear-Facing Longer

Again, being able to keep your child rear-facing longer is such a huge benefit. The safety features are already great on this particular seat but rear facing up to 50 pounds is crazy. I think this is probably the best selling point of the Extend2Fit.

Price Point

Finding a quality car seat with all the amenities you need is one problem. Finding that same car seat that’s going to last you for a few years without spending $300+ is another. Lucky for you, and a lot of other parents out there, the Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat is currently available on Amazon for... 
$161.49 Note: Price subject to change without notice. Check Amazon for today's best price!

This is such a good deal for the length of time you can use this car seat. It’s also a good deal for the level of quality and car seat safety you are getting. Heck, it’s just an overall good deal.


One of the key things I look for in a car seat is; how easy is it to adjust the car seat to fit the size of your child. Because, every kid is so different and they grow at different rates. Those growth spurts can be killer and put you in a bind not only with clothes but also your car seat.

The Graco Extend2Fit has so many parts of the seat that are adjustable so your child will be comfortable. There is a 4 position extension panel allowing your child’s legs to be comfortable for a longer period of time plus keep them rear facing longer. There’s also an adjustable headrest and many recline positions. This really helps keep your kiddo happy which keeps Mom happy to. This car seat is also a money saver! You don’t have to run out and buy a new car seat for every growth spurt.

Ease of Use

Beyond price, safety, and comfort having a car seat that’s easy to install and use is crucial on my list. I love the fact that this seat boasts the 1 second LATCH install. I know some people are iffy about the LATCH system, but I’ve always found that it works fine and not too complicated. There’s also a nice level built in to the seat base so you can easily level the car seat at any time.

Beyond that, adjusting your seat is really easy and pain-free. I like that it isn’t super complicated. Who wants to read the instruction manual every time you need to adjust the car seat? 

  • Overall height: 22.1" High
  • Overall Depth: 25.2" Deep
  • Overall Width: 19.2" Wide
  • 6 Position Recline
  • 10 Position Head Rest                                                     
  • 4 to 50 Pound Rear Facing 
  • 22 to 65 Pound Forward Facing 
  • 4 Position Extension Panel
  • 5 Point Harness System
  • Simply Safe Adjust Harness System
  • Dual Cup Holders
  • Machine Washable Seat Pad
  • Exceeds US Safety Standards

Check Amazon for more design details!


Alright, I've covered the key design details. Now, let’s cover what other parents really like about the Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat. 

PROS: What Parent’s Like

  • Doesn’t Get Too Hot: If you are living somewhere where it gets hot, you will love the car seat design and fabric. The Extend2Fit stays cool and comfortable for your little one.
  • Size: It’s narrow enough for smaller vehicles. One parent mentioned how well the car seat fits in a Toyota Corolla. This is great for smaller vehicles.
  • Easy to Adjust Components: All of the adjustable areas of the car seat are easy to figure out and adjust. That means less stress and cursing under your breath when your kiddo needs a little more room.
  • The Footrest: The extendable footrest is a lifesaver to accommodate for those growing legs.
  • Price Tag: I still can’t believe this car seat is priced at $​156.73.. Parents love the price tag when comparing to other models with similar features. 
  • Comfortable: A lot of parents mentioned how comfortable this car seat is for their kids. In fact, several of them said their kid's hands down preferred this car seat over other models. If your kiddo loves riding in the car you'll be one happy Mom! 
  • Rear-Facing Longer: We’ve hit this point home enough, but this was one of the biggest positives I read from parent’s reviews. Your kid’s safety is important and should be the #1 factor for picking a car seat. The other stuff is just icing on the cake.

Because I want you to be fully informed, it's equally as important for you to know what parents don’t like. There are some downsides to the Extend2Fit that I found are definitely worth mentioning. 

CONS: What Parent’s Don’t Like

  • Small Cupholders: This isn’t a huge deal when you have little ones but once you get a toddler that insists on having a sippy cup with them for the ride, it does become an issue. One parent suggested taking the cupholder into the store and finding a cup that fits it. That’s great, but a pretty big annoyance.
  • Difficult to Tighten Belt: This one I was upset about. Getting your belt tight for your little one is already stressful enough. I always do the “can you still breathe?” question with my toddler. Some parents say that the belt can be hard to get really tight.
  • Not Newborn Friendly: Now, as far as safety goes, it is perfectly safe for a newborn. The issue here is that you can’t just unclick the seat and carry your infant and car seat inside if they are still asleep. It’s hard to get a newborn in and out of a car seat if they are sleeping. But this is something you don't get with a convertible car seat.
  • Painted on Warning Labels: I’m not sure what the deal is with this or why Graco thought this was a good idea? A lot of car seats have a fabric warning label or have it on the plastic. For some reason, Graco placed a painted label on the backrest of the car seat. The issue with this is mostly heat. When it gets really hot out, that painted patch can get very warm which can irritate the skin of your child.
  • Bulky: Lets face it, this car seat is large and can be difficult to handle for some Mothers. But it is not the largest convertible car seat. For a convertible car seat that adjusts to your child's growth stages plus last for several years, what do you expect?Here’s hoping that Graco addresses these design issues of future models. 

Here’s hoping that Graco addresses these design issues on future models.

Check Amazon for today's best price!


Graco Extend2Fit
Extend2Fit Convertible car seat

Finally,  you can’t control much in this world and it becomes even more apparent when you start having kids. There’s no preventing all the skinned knees, bumps, and bruises that come with being a little one.

However, owning the Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat means keeping your child safe in the car. That’s one less place you have to worry about them. It’s a moment you can breathe and know your little one is safe and secure. I personally relax as soon as I get my kiddo buckled in.

With a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Amazon and close to 3,000 reviews, you can see why parents love the Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat. See our ratings for price, quality, safety, and our verdict below.

Price: MEDIUM | Quality: HIGH | Safety: HIGH | Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5

We hope this Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat review helps you with your search for the right stroller for your child.

Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat


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