Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller Review

Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller Review

Graco Aire3 Stroller Feature-rich at a Bargain Price

The Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller has a safe, reliable and lightweight Graco stroller frame, accepts Graco Click Graco Aire3 Click Connect StrollerConnect car seats, is simple to use, high quality, one hand open-close and much more all at a bargain price.

The Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller is your panacea for all of those bulky, heavy, hard to use stroller systems out there. It has you covered for all of your parenting and kid needs. I love the simplicity and ease of use of this Graco stroller system. It’s more than just a stroller because its compatible with the Graco Click Connect car seats. 

This stroller will last you from newborn through your toddler years without having to install and uninstall a bunch of different components. You can just click in your car seat and go or strap in your toddler. It’s safe and convenient without breaking the bank.

We are going to go over the nitty-gritty, the highlights, and what we liked most about this stroller system. You will also get the low down on what we didn’t like and what we really think. At the end of this article, you will be well informed and ready to make a decision if this is the right stroller for you.

$166.38 Note: Price subject to change without notice. Check Amazon for today’s best price!

Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller Design Details

The Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller is an excellent stroller system with an even better price tag. The design details are going to stick out to you as parent and kid friendly. I like that about a stroller system because that’s who is using Graco Aire3 Click Connectthem darn it.

  • Just under 22 pounds: So lightweight and easy to handle!
  • 34.5 inches wide: will fit just about anywhere
  • 17 inches deep: Big enough for baby to be comfortable but not too bulky
  • 40 inches high: Comfortable pushing level for most heights
  • Holds up to 50 pounds: Can use from baby through some toddler years
  • Parent’s tray with cup holder: Great for phone, keys, and other misc. items
  • Storage basket: Perfect for a diaper bag, purse and much more
  • 3-wheel design: Easier to maneuver and get in and out of places
  • 3 or 5 point harness: 5 point for baby and transition to 3 point for toddler
  • Multi-position seat: Recline for napping or whatever is comfortable for your child
  • One-hand open and close: Super convenient when you have your hands full
  • Self-standing when closed: Can walk away if needed or store in the house easily
  • Strap for easy carry: Haul wherever you need it with ease
  • Extra large canopy: Perfect for all weather conditions that may arise
Check Amazon for more design details!

What Do I Like Most About the Graco Aire3 Stroller?

The Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller has so many positive features. I really enjoy the simplicity of this particular version. This Graco stroller frame is just plain easy. That’s the bottom line. Let’s check out some highlights that I particularly liked.


Finding a stroller that weighs less than 22 pounds is a struggle. Luckily, this Graco stroller frame has you covered. I love the fact that I can lift this stroller with one arm and hold my babe in the other. It also makes getting out and about just that much easier. You don’t have to worry about getting all sweaty before your fun even begins.

Easy to Use

This is kind of an expansion on the Aire3 being so lightweight, but it’s simple to use. It boasts a one hand closure and opening. Let’s face it. That’s what you are really looking for in a stroller, right? Being able to one hand anything with kids is a winner in my book.

Beyond that, it has a strap that you can carry it around with. If you are planning on traveling or even just bringing it in and out of your vehicle to the house, this is really convenient.

Finally, the set up of a 3 wheel stroller makes it easier to maneuver. I remember pushing those old school strollers with the terrible wheels. It would fold up your kid inside of it without warning and you couldn’t maneuver it for the life of you. The Graco stroller frame eliminates all of that and lets you zip in and out wherever you need to go.

Accepts Graco Click Connect Car Seats

Graco Aire3 ClickThe Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller is compatible with all the Graco Click Connect car seats. This is a genius move on their part. Basically, you should just buy the whole system and then you will be even more streamlined. You can just click your car seat right into the stroller without waking up that sleeping baby. Woohoo!

Top-notch Safety

Okay, I know the whole one-handed option is probably what you were looking for as far as highlights, but we all know safety is at the top of our list, too. The Graco stroller frame is sturdy even though it is so lightweight.

It also has the 3 and 5 point harness options to keep your little one strapped in securely. That way, if you would for some crazy reason let go of the stroller, your little one would be safe in the event of a stroller crash.

Easy on the Wallet

The price tag on this stroller really shocked me. It runs under $175.00 for stroller only. You can, of course, do the whole travel system adding the car seat and base for more. Still, having a complete stroller travel system that costs less than $400 is kind of hard to find. Thank you, Graco!

Check Amazon for today’s best price!

Graco Aire3 Stroller Pro’s and Con’s

Let’s review all the positives for this stroller and check out some of the things I think need improvement.


  • One handed open and close, Mom’s love this feature
  • 3 wheel frame makes it easy to maneuver in tight areas
  • Lightweight, under 22 lbs, easy to handle and carry
  • Compact when folded, quick and easy to transport
  • Compatible with all Graco Click Connect Car Seats
  • Multi-Position Seat, can adjust for your child’s comfort
  • Safety, use 3 or 5 Point Harness for baby or a toddler
  • Price is Right, a lot of features for a bargain price


  • Parent Cup holder is in an inconvenient location.
  • Smaller Storage Basket, you can never have enough storage.
  • No Child Tray, frustrating when it would be very easy to include.
  • Plastic wheels, wear down easier and not great on bumpy services, rubber wheels would be better.
  • Brake issues, this is perhaps the biggest concern. A lot of parents have commented that the brakes have broken after about 6 months or so. That is a serious safety issue, and not one to take lightly. On the other hand, I honestly can’t say I use my brakes that often on my stroller.

Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller Review, Our Verdict

TGraco Aire3he Graco Aire3 Click Connect is lightweight, safe, and comes with an incredible price tag. I love that you can one-hand this stroller. Once you become a parent, you wish for more arms vehemently every day, several times per day. This Graco stroller frame really helps a sister out.

On top of that, the Aire3 has a 4.1 star out of 5-star rating on Amazon after 200+ reviews. That’s a whole lot of parents commenting on what they loved about this particular Graco stroller frame. It’s for a good reason. Do yourself a favor and check out the Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller. Your kid and your wallet will thank you. Heck, you might even thank yourself.

The Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller, see our ratings for price, quality, safety, and our verdict below.

Price: LOW | Quality: HIGH | Safety: HIGH | Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5

We hope this Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller review helps you with your search for the right stroller for your child.

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