Chicco Infant Car Seat Review

Chicco Infant Car Seat Review

Rated #1 Infant Car Seat!

The Chicco infant car seat or better known as the Chicco KeyFit car seat is rated by many as the #1 infant car seat.

Chicco Infant Car SeatThe Chicco KeyFit car seat really has it all; style, grace, convenience, comfort and top notch safety features.

You can move the Chicco KeyFit 30 Car Seat in and out of your vehicle with ease. You might even find time to do your hair in the morning with all the time you will save wrestling with a garbage car seat.

There are a lot of reasons to choose the Chicco KeyFit car seat, but this specific car seat really takes the cake. I like that you can trust Chicco for the safety of your 4 pound plus newborn. You can also do it without looking like you have your baby in a device from the 80’s. It is sleek and modern with beautiful styles available.

In this review, you’ll find detailed information on it’s features, safety, pro’s and con’s, customer reviews, and why it’s so darn special. Let’s really sit down and figure out if this is the right car seat for you. You will walk away from this article feeling confident in your decision. I think you will find the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat is an excellent choice.

$199.99 Note: Price subject to change without notice. Check Amazon for today’s best price!

Chicco KeyFit 30 Car Seat Design Features

The Chicco KeyFit 30 Car Seat has so many features that will make transporting your baby from place to place way less stressful.

I also like that it is a part of a travel system. Meaning, you can buy just one part or several and they will all work together to make a seamless transfer.

Here are some key design details that make the Chicco KeyFit 30 stand out:

  • 27.5” x 17” x 24”: It’s not a large car seat but it definitely will take up more room than the more compact version
  • 17 Pounds: Seems a bit heavy for a infant car seat, especially because you are probably going to be carrying the baby around in there and the baby can get up to 30 lbs. Hope you are ready for a work out biceps!
  • 5 Point Harness: Safe and convenient with the one strap pull tight.
  • EPS Energy Absorbing Foam: Shell is lined with it to help absorb impact.
  • Removable Pillows for Newborn: Makes sure they are snug and safe from 4-11 pounds.
  • 5 Fashionable Options: Eucalyptus, Energy, Lilla, Orion, Papyrus
  • ReclineSure: A base that can go up and down to make sure you get the level right for safety and comfort of your baby.
  • RideRight: Two bubble levels that make sure you have the base and angel right in the seat.
  • LATCH System: If you are not a new mom, you are super familiar with this. The difference is that the Chicco KeyFit car seat has a “SuperCinch”. Less effort you and a tighter, more secure fit for your car seat base.
  • Adjustable Canopy: Can move it up and down to keep out sun, rain, and wind.
  • Compatible with Chicco Strollers: Easy to transfer from vehicle to stroller without waking baby.
Check Amazon for more design details!

Why is the Chicco Infant Car Seat So Special?

Well, let’s start with the obvious here. This car seat is the #1 rated infant car seat in America. Do I need to say more? Well, I will.

I really like the newborn positioner. So often I worried that my son’s head would look uncomfortable or not well supported.

With a newborn positioner you are getting extra safety plus your little one will be way more comfortable. No need to head to the chiropractor just yet.

A super convenient feature that chicco made is the one hand removal from it’s base. I don’t think I need to tell you why this is so convenient if you are already a parent. However, if you are expecting, I’ll fill you in. You are always going to have something in one hand. It’s either going to be your baby or some kind of baby related object. With this feature you can easily remove your car seat from the base and go.

It’s compatible with Chicco strollers. I mentioned this before too, but it’s so nice to have a complete system to work with. Being able to remove your car seat from the base with one hand and then click into the stroller is pure magic when you have a baby. You can even keep your coffee in one hand during this whole procedure without spilling. Yahtzee!

You’ll love the One-Pull Harness which can be tightened with one hand for a snug fit with less effort.

Safety is always huge but Chicco goes beyond just the federal regulations. I like that the company knows that just because federal regulations are set in place, doesn’t mean that they can’t be enhanced or improved. Chicco will leave you feeling secure that your baby is safe while traveling.

Chicco KeyFit Car Seat Safety Performance

 The Chicco Infant Car Seat meets all federal regulations. I’ll say it again, federal regulations and great and all but that doesn’t meanchicco keyfit 30 car seat it’s the safest it can be. Chicco goes the extra mile.

Extra safety precautions are put into place with the newborn inserts. Not only are you getting the correct alignment for your baby but you are also getting extra shock absorbency in the event of a crash. It’s a win win on this one.

The other items I would like to point out are all the installation helpers. You have the SuperCinch which makes sure the LATCH system is installed tight enough. Then there is the RideRight, the two bubble levels that make sure you have your seat at the proper level. Finally you have the ReclineSure to make sure that you have the proper angle of your base and car seat.

Installation helpers make sure the car seat is installed properly which will help in the event of a crash. So many parents will tell you that they are unsure if their car seat is properly installed. Haven’t you ever wondered why so many public safety offices do free car seat checks? They can be a real pain to install, but Chicco Infant car seat has these extra helpers to make sure you do it right the first time.

 Installing the Chicco KeyFit Car Seat

 First of all, I cannot stress enough that you need to always, ALWAYS, use your owner’s manual or Chicco’s online resource to install your car seat. Always! However, I can break down the gist of it for you so you can get a clear picture of what you are in for.

As a note, there are a couple of different ways to install this seat. You can use the base or not. I would highly, highly recommend getting the base. It’s more safe and easier on you because you don’t have to reinstall every time you put the car seat in and out.

 Installation with Base using LATCH

This is arguably the most safe way to install this car seat. I would suggest this as my #1 way to install the Chicco Infant Car Seat.

  1. Remove all of the LATCH connectors and position the base in your vehicle seat forward facing and the Recline Foot against the back of the seat.
  2. Push the recline buttons on the base and adjust so the bubbles mark it as level on both sides.
  3. Attach the LATCH connectors to the rungs in your vehicle. Give them a good tug to make sure they are secure.
  4. Pull on the LATCH Pull Strap tight while pushing the base into the seat so it’s nice and secure and put the strap back in it’s storage spot.
  5. Make sure everything is secure and the base is still level.

Installation with Base using Vehicle Belt

If you don’t have a vehicle that supports the LATCH system, you can use the vehicle belt. This would be my second recommendation for installation with the Chicco infant car seat.

  1. Position the base in your vehicle seat forward facing and the Recline Foot against the back of the seat.
  2. Push the recline buttons on the base and adjust so the bubbles mark it as level on both sides.
  3. Run your seat belt into the openings on the base and tighten by pushing the base into the seat firmly and pulling the vehicle belt with your other hand. Make sure to put the shoulder belt in the shoulder belt lockout position on the opposite side it comes from.
  4. Secure seat belt into place and double check everything is secure and level.

Installation without Base

I don’t recommend this installation however it does pass federal regulations.

  1. Place your child securely in the car seat and then place car seat facing rear of vehicle seat.
  2. Slide the seat belt through the belt guides and buckle the seat belt.
  3. Tighten seat belt while pushing carrier firmly into seat.
  4. Check that everything is secure and level.

Installation in Aircraft

You can appreciate this installation feature if you like to travel! Yes, the Chicco Infant Car Seat is ready to roll even on an airplane.

  1. Place your child securely in the car seat and then place car seat facing rear of airplane seat.
  2. Slide the airplane seat belt through the belt guides and buckle the seat belt.
  3. Tighten seat belt while pushing carrier firmly into seat.
  4. Check that everything is secure and level.

Chicco Infant Car Seat Pro’s and Con’s

I really like the Chicco Infant Car Seat for a lot of reasons. However, there a couple of things I’m not really excited about. Let’s talk about both of them so you can make the most informed decision.


  •  #1 Rated Infant Car Seat: This one could stand on it’s own two feet. I do think that Chicco was picked for a reason. It’s easy and safe.
  • Newborn Inserts: Such a great bonus to have added to your car seat purchase. I like them for ergonomics and safety. Your newborn will be MUCH happier with these. In fact, I would recommend buying some sort of newborn insert if this wasn’t available.
  • Ensured Correct Installation: All of those little extra installation helpers really make a difference. The RideRight, LATCH system, SuperCinch, and ReclineSure work together to make sure you get your car seat installed right the first time around.
  • Removable from Base: This is so handy when you have a baby. So many times my little one fell asleep on the car ride and would have woken up if I tried to take him out. Instead, you can just detach from the base, with one hand mind you, and bring them inside to nap on.
  • Compatibility with Chicco Strollers: This is another huge benefit in my opinion. I love seamless products that work together to make your life so much easier. You can move your car seat from base straight to stroller. If you have ever tried to move a napping baby, you know how amazing this is. 


  • Thinner Canopy: This is just an annoyance more than anything. The canopy is pretty thin so it doesn’t keep out that much sunlight and I’m betting rain and wind either. This means not much protection from the elements for your dear babe. I’m not really sure what the point of a canopy is if it doesn’t help with any of the above mentioned issues.
  • Only Up to 30 lbs: This is not a convertible car seat. It doesn’t grow with you child. It’s for 4-30 pounds. It should get you through the first year or two if you are lucky and have a smallish child. This also means you are also going to have to invest in another car seat when your kiddo hits the 30 pound range which is not idea to have to pay out all of that cash twice.
  • Fabric is not Breathable: What does that mean for a baby? It means a sweaty and uncomfortable baby if it is warm out. I don’t like that at all. A sweaty and uncomfortable baby means a fussy baby. A fussy baby on a long car ride is not fun for anyone.
  • Price Point: While it’s not the most expensive car seat on the market, it’s certainly not the least expensive. It runs right about $200. It’s hard to swallow spending that much on a car seat that isn’t a convertible one. I hear you loud and clear there.

Chicco KeyFit 30 Car Seat Customer Reviews

I think this is an important section to cover because you need to know more than just my opinion and the facts on the car seat. It’s good to hear from other buyers and what they like and don’t like about a product before you buy it. What did we ever do before Amazon had customer reviews?

The Chicco Infant Car Seat is rated 4.7 out of 5 Stars on Amazon. That is out of 268 Customer Reviews. So the result is mostly positive and I can really see why. If it’s rated #1 infant car seat, you are going to have a high star rating. There are parents who have been in accidents that claim the car seat saved their child’s lives. There are parents who are OBSESSED with the fact you can machine wash the cover. Amen, mamas, amen.

The biggest complaint from online buyers is the sunshade or canopy. I get why everyone is upset about this. It just doesn’t really do that much. It feels unnecessary to even put it on the car seat if it isn’t going to contribute to it. I also am a little disappointed in Chicco for not using a better quality piece of fabric for this feature.

Check Amazon for today’s best price!

Chicco Infant Car Seat Review, Our Verdict

chicco keyfit 30 car seatThe Chicco KeyFit 30 Car Seat has all the bells and whistles you need in an infant car seat. Why shouldn’t it? You get the safety, the comfort, the ease of installation all wrapped up into one pretty package. It’s not rated the # 1 infant car seat for nothing, friends.

I also like that they have formed a streamlined travel system. You don’t need to search for the perfect stroller or base for your car seat. They have you covered.

More than that, you can trust that it’s durable and going to last more than one kid. It’s such a great investment that you won’t even notice the price tag. Hey, remember. What baby wants, baby gets.

Chicco infant car seat review ratings, see our verdict below:

Price: HIGH | Quality: HIGH | Safety: HIGH | Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Optional Accessories

Every company has accessories for their products. Chicco is no different. I only found a couple I think that apply to the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat. You could probably do without either but I wouldn’t. I would  buy them both to keep your travel plans easy breezy.

The seat base is the first optional accessory. Now, I really don’t consider this an accessory. I think I’ve made that point enough throughout this review but let me hit that home one more time. It is more safe with the base and way more convenient. I cannot even imagine trying to buckle an infant car seat in every single time I got in my car. I cannot imagine undoing it all every time I needed to get that little one out. Yuck.

The next accessory is the the Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Stroller. I really like this stroller because it coordinates with your car seat. You cannot begin to appreciate the seamless transition, but trust me, it is darn near close to a stranger paying for your coffee after a horrible morning. I would highly recommend grabbing this stroller to go with your fancy new car seat.

Care and Maintenance

 This might be one of the mom’s favorite features on the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat. Of course you care about safety first, but this really is icing on the cake. Are you ready? The Chicco Infant Car Seat cover is machine washable. Yes! Miracles really do happen.

So how do we take care of this brilliant cover and seat as well as maintain it. First of all, you just simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the cover. Then throw it in the washer on cold and the delicate cycle.

Make sure you hang dry. Don’t get greedy and throw it in the dryer or you will be out of luck.Don’t use any bleach, strong laundry detergents, or fabric softener. Just keep it simple and enjoy not having to hand wash that cover when all of those icky things happen. They will happen, don’t think they won’t.

As for the rest of the seat, you can clean it up with just a sponge and some warm water. I know I’ve had to use a hose before. I wouldn’t recommend it because it will take forever and ever for your car seat to dry. Oops.

Maintenance is very straight forward with this car seat. If you notice wear and tear, call the manufacturer. You don’t want to risk any frayed belts or sticky buckles if you get in an accident. Also, make sure to register your car seat in the event of a recall. Keep your chicco keyfit 30 car seat clean and don’t get too wild with it and it should last you multiple children.

We hope this Chicco Infant Car Seat review has helped you choose the right car seat for your child.

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