Chicco Cortina Stroller Review

Chicco Cortina Stroller Review

Chicco Cortina Stroller

The Chicco Cortina stroller also known as the Chicco Cortina CX Travel System is a multipurpose designed stroller, car seat and baby carrier.

Traveling doesn’t have to mean going to Belize on a family trip with your kiddo. It can mean just making it in and out of the grocery store alive. The Chicco Cortina CX Travel System is an excellent travel system that will get you from point A to B and everywhere in between.

The Chicco Cortina Travel System has so many different features that are intuitive to parents and kids alike. It’s like they actually talked to parents to see what they wanted. Way to go, Chicco! From extra storage to easy one hand in and out of vehicle to stroller, they have you covered.

We are going to highlight the main features, review the positives, and fill you in on all the negatives.

Let’s dive in and figure out just how the Chicco Cortina Stroller travel system works and what parents really love about this baby travel system.

$299.99 Note: Price subject to change without notice. Check Amazon for today’s best price!

Chicco Cortina CX Travel System Design Specifications

First, let’s see how big and how much the travel system weighs? Here are specifications regarding sizes and weights.

Cortina® CX Stroller

  • Assembled Dimensions: 34.25″ x 20.75″ x 44″
  • Folded Dimensions: 42″ x 21″ x 20″
  • Front Wheel Diameter: 6.75″
  • Rear Wheel Diameter: 7.5″
  • Product Weight: 23 lbs.

KeyFit® 30 Infant Car Seat

  • Product Dimensions: 22″ x 17″ x 24″
  • Car Seat Without Base Weight: 9.6 lbs.
  • Base Only Dimensions: 20″ x 15″ x 8″
  • Base Only Weight: 7 lbs.

Chicco Cortina Travel System Design Details

The Chicco Cortina CX Travel System has a whole bag full of features and lovable design details. Chicco really did a great job of anticipating and knowing what parents want and need with this travel system. There are obnoxious and annoying parts to travel systems that can make you crazy. Lucky for you, this travel system seems to be void of those. Here are some of the key features:

8 Recline Positions

Whatever stage your child is in from newborn to 1 year old, you can position the Chicco Cortina stroller for a comfortable fit. I really like the ability to make a safe enclosed bassinet for a newborn or 0-3 month old. You can, of course, just click your car seat in if you want but sometimes it’s nice to get them out of that thing if they are awake or you just want to go for a stroll around the neighborhood.

Quick In and Out

Getting your child in and out of a car seat or the vehicle can be hectic. There are times when my little guy was a newborn or even just under age 1 that I would sweat trying to get him place to place. I sweat just thinking about all of the struggling I did! The Chicco Cortina CX Travel System has streamlined this process.

If your kid is a car napper, which congratulations by the way if they are, you can just simply press a button and pull the car seat out and click it right into the stroller. Easy, breezy, and beautiful. This was always a life saver for me to be able to seamlessly move my kiddo from place to place.


Count your blessings, the Chicco Cortina stroller travel system has ample storage. The stroller itself has a tray for your young child including two cup holders and a washable removable liner. Hallelujah for removable washable anything right? Not only did the kids get a tray, but the parents too! You get a cup holder and a covered cubby. That covered cubby is a true blessing especially on those hot days.

Finally, there is a nice accessible basket underneath the stroller. I really enjoy being able to reach the toys, diaper bag, wipes, or whatever else you feel the need to bring a long from BOTH the front and the back of the stroller. A lot of the strollers don’t allow this and you have to stop, put the brakes on, walk around the other side, and then get your much needed item out. Say it with me…convenience matters!

Parent Friendly

Almost, everything on the Chicco Cortina stroller travel system is adjustable. While the baby and safety are the number one concern, this makes it much more pleasant for parents, too. The handle on the stroller is adjustable to suit your height. I always struggled with this when I was a nanny or used someone else’s stroller. I’m not that tall and having a tall handlebar can make it inconvenient at best and unsafe at the most.

The other parent friendly features are ease of use and the quick in and out. We went over the quick in and out and I’m sure you can tell why that is so parent friendly. However, the ease of use should really be highlighted here.

Installing the car seat base is fairly painless due to the easy technology and all the extra helpers like the bubble level. It’s also a one hand removal from the base to the stroller. I can’t tell you how many times I needed my other hand to grab a diaper bag, drink, groceries, you name it. This really frees you up and eases your stress.

Check Amazon for more design details!

What’s so special about the Chicco Cortina CX Travel System?

I think what makes the Chicco Cortina CX Travel system special is the multipurpose design which is so convenient and of course I love Chicco’s focus on safety.

Multipurpose Design

 Chicco Cortina CX Travel System
  • it accommodates newborns from 4 to 30 pounds
  • the car seat fits into stroller with KeyFit 30 technology
  • it easily and quickly clicks in and out of stroller and car seat base
  • for parents it includes a 3-position handle and lots of storage.

There are a lot of travel systems out there but Chicco has really thought of everything. It’s so parent friendly with all of the adjustable components and convenient storage areas. It’s a solid choice for parents who want a multipurpose travel system.


This really is the main goal, right? You want your child to be safe during travel. Especially with my first child, I was paranoid about everything and didn’t want there to be hardly any risk of them getting hurt. The Chicco Cortina CX Travel System has excellent safety features from the LATCH system to the almost impossible to mess up installation of the base.

The Chicco Cortina stroller has toe tap locks on both sides so you don’t have to worry about that baby (or your baby) moving around on you while loading or unloading. If you step away to grab a drink your kid isn’t going to go rolling out the door.

I also really like the larger tires and suspension to provide a smooth ride. No chance of this baby flying out of the bassinet. There is a 5 point harness for when they are sitting up or you can keep them in the car seat if you want even extra protection.

Check Amazon for today’s best price!

Chicco Cortina Travel System Pros and Cons

No doubt, the Chicco Cortina stroller travel system is a great option, considering the many multipurpose features we’ve covered in this post. But there are some features that need improvement.

Below is a list of features I really like along with a list of features that I think need improvement.


Let’s review what’s so great about the Chicco Cortina stroller travel system and why you are going to want to add it to your list of baby gear.

  • Easy To Use - I love how easy everything is on this travel system. It doesn’t take rocket science to install or use any of the pieces. It’s super user friendly and most of it you can do with one hand.
  • Convenient - All the storage, all the adjustable parts, easy in and out of the car and folding of the stroller, easy car seat install. Just easy.
    Storage - Storage just everywhere: storage basket, kids tray with cup holders and removable washable liner, parents tray with cup holder and closed cubby
  • Safety - Excellent safety features with the Keyfit 30 car seat, 5 point harness for stroller, toe-tap brakes on both sides.
  • Adjustable - Suitable for newborn to 30 pounds, 8 recline positions in the stroller, adjustable handlebar for the parents.
  • Parent Friendly - Adjustable everything, one hand feature for getting car seat out and stroller open and closed, cup holder, covered storage compartment, easy access to storage basket, peek-a-boo feature to view your little, and much more.


While I really like this travel system, there are some things about the Chicco Cortina CX Travel System that do need improvement.

  • Storage Compartment in Fully Reclined Position - A flaw that Chicco obviously overlooked. You cannot get into the storage basket from the back when the stroller is fully reclined. Bummer on that one.
  • Shallow Cup Holder for Parents - The cup holder will hold your drink if you are stationary. It’s just a little too shallow making your drink more susceptible to tipping over. If you are looking at going on a trail outing or something of the like, you are probably going to want to invest in a Camelbak.
  • Wheels Durability - Another bummer on this one. I really like a sturdy almost bicycle tire for a stroller. Chicco just didn’t pull through on this one. While the wheels are okay, they aren’t as durable as I hoped and probably won’t last through multiple kids.

Chicco Cortina Stroller Review, Our Verdict

chicco cortina travel system

You can probably tell now why so many people love the Chicco Cortina stroller travel system. On Amazon, the Chicco Cortina travel system has a 4.4 star rating which is actually high for a complete baby travel system.

It’s got all the storage needs you could want. It’s easy to install. You can get your little one in and out with ease. Best of all, it’s a really reasonable price. You are getting a car seat, the base, and a stroller for under $300. That’s a real steal.

For what you are getting and the quality Chicco delivers, I can’t see why you wouldn’t want the Chicco Cortina CX Travel System. It really is a very intuitive travel system for kids and parents alike. What more can you ask for?

Chicco Cortina stroller travel system, see our ratings for price, quality, safety and our verdict below:

Price: MEDIUM | Quality: HIGH | Safety: HIGH | Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5

We hope this Chicco Cortina Stroller review helps you with your search for the right stroller for your child.

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