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On Demand Professional Support For Parents and Caregivers

October 25, 2019  |  Debbie E.

Biomedical treatment for autism is a specific method of treatment that examines the biological side of autism. Biomedical intervention as described in the Autism Recovery System, has been implemented by thousands of families with kids who have autism and many have experienced improved health and some even recovery.

Whether your child has been recently diagnosed with autism or you’ve been dealing with the diagnosis of a loved one for a number of years, there is hope and there is help. And it no longer matters if you live in the largest, most medically-connected city in the state, or in an off-the-beaten-path remote location – miles away from the nearest medical specialist or hospital. 

Now, cutting edge training and professional help about autism and biomedical treatment for autism is just
one "Click" away with Dr. Kurt Woeller and his online program the Autism Recovery System.

In this article we'll discuss Autism, biomedical treatment for Autism, the Autism Recovery System and much more about Dr. Kurt Woeller, a renowned biomedical specialist and integral integrative medicine physician. 

A Special Video Message from Dr. Kurt Woeller

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What is Autism?

Autism is often defined as a neuro-developmental disorder that affects speech and language development, social engagement, eye contact, and peer relationships. It can also lead to behavioral issues as well. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in 65 kids in the United States today, is on the autism spectrum.

There are certain signs to look out for - signs that could be an indicator of autism in a child. Of course, you'll need to have your child evaluated by a qualified medical professional. But you can find more information on those early indicators to look for right here.

How Does Autism Occur?

According to the Autism Recovery System website - there is no one cause of autism. Instead, it's usually a combination of multiple issues. This could include genetics, chemical exposure in the environment, biochemical and metabolic disorders, brain injury from inflammation, heavy metal toxicity, chronic infections, and immune dysfunction.

All of these things - and possibly others too - are contributing to the problem. The increasing rate of kids with autism cannot be directly correlated to genetic causes.

Autism Recovery System Offers Web-Based Guidance

If you’re dealing with autism, you’re going to need some professional assistance. The purpose of the Autism Recovery System website is to provide a deep resource of accurate medical information and advice you can tap 24/7 - whenever the need arises.

When the final assessment is autism regarding a close family member, it can be an overwhelming situation for any parent or caregiver. There’s a lot of information to take in following a diagnosis. And decisions need to be made.

I don't think anyone would argue that the best possible scenario would be to find quality medical advice with an effective treatment plan. When you know the steps to take and can follow them accordingly, it makes life a lot better for your loved one and for the family. The turning point is finding credible medical advice you can take action on. And that’s what Autism Recovery System promises.

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The 3 Problems With A “Traditional” Approach

Not only are there interventions available that may be quite helpful to your loved one, there's plenty of promising help and hope for improvement in the health of people with autism.

Problem number one: It’s not easy to find a doctor. You can look online and discover an incredible amount of information about autism. But the problem is - it's often conflicting information. So it's difficult to separate the good from the worthless in a free search online. That’s where having a doctor-backed site like Autism Recovery System can be particularly beneficial.

Problem number two: All doctors are NOT created equal. If you really want to give your autistic loved one the best life possible, you need a capable doctor on your side. You want someone with a positive, open mind - someone who understands the potential of people, despite their setback.

Problem number three: Most conventional medical treatments for autism rely on speech and behavior therapy - as well as pharmaceutical drugs. But according to Dr. Kurt Woeller - an Autism Biomedical Treatment Physician and the medical authority behind the Autism Recovery System - the problem with this traditional approach is that other medical problems (that may be underlying issues triggering autism) are not properly addressed.

An Open Minded Approach Can Open New Doors

Other options to the traditional approach taken by most medical doctors are available. But most people simply don't know about them. This is where it can be quite helpful to learn all you can about autism and potential methods of treatment provided by credible sources. It’s also helpful to hear from a wide variety of parents and caregivers who are in the exact same boat.

It’s Dr. Woeller’s belief that while there is no known cure for autism, it certainly can be treated. And in some cases, autism can even be recoverable.

Underlying Issues Need To Be Addressed

What most of us as parents and caregivers observe are the behavioral responses of autism. But there can be other medical symptoms present that often go undetected. Such underlying issues often include:

- Allergies
- Food sensitivities
- Immune system problems
- Sleep issues

- Chronic infections
- Digestive discomfort
- Seizures

- And more issues not listed

Dr. Woeller Offers Families Hope 

Biomedical Autism Treatment

Drugs and traditional therapies do not treat all issues that could be the cause, or at least a complicating factor of autism.

Autistic kids can be healthier and develop improved abilities (and have a better life as a result) through integrative medicine.

And in some cases, recovery from autism is possible. With this as its foundation, the Autism Recovery System was launched by Dr. Woeller, a practicing physician and specialist for more than twenty years.

More About Dr. Kurt Woeller

Doctor Woeller has over 20 years clinical hands-on treatment of autism in kids all over the world. He's a world renowned biomedical specialist and integral integrative medicine physician. He is also an instructor, lecturer, and author who teaches other physicians and healthcare providers how to treat autism with integrative practices.

Not only are there interventions available that may be quite helpful, there's plenty of promising help and hope for improvement in the overall health and well being of people with autism.

At the autism recovery system website, Doctor Woeller promotes autism awareness by helping parents and caregivers better understand autism through education and on demand professional support.

Dr. Woeller not only provides high quality training but he also shares his over 20 years of knowledge, techniques, and tools on how to effectively treat and even help kids recover from autism.

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Biomedical Treatment for Autism is Different - Here's How

Biomedical intervention is a form of integrative medicine that seeks to get at the root cause of illnesses. Biomedicine understands the interrelationship between the digestive system, immune system and other systems of the body. In treating autism bio-medically, specialists also take into account hereditary factors, specific biochemical imbalances, environmental toxicity, neurochemistry, and more.

This approach seems to work well with many people on the autism spectrum because of the well-established coexistence of other problems such as digestive issues, food sensitivities, digestion, neurological imbalances and immune system challenges.

​The Answers You Need – Whenever You Need Them

Autism recovery system is a full-featured website that provides visitors with immediate access to all the tools, insights, and education they need to more effectively treat their loved ones who happen to be on the autism spectrum. Here, you can get direct access to Dr. Woeller to ask questions and get qualified medical advice.

There’s also a private forum, which is essentially a community full of people who are dealing with autism, in one way or another. There’s a genuine understanding and connection among visitors, making it a friendly and cooperative place to network.

Treating autism can be a daunting task for anyone. Well there's lots of information out there, much of it is conflicting. So if there’s any confusion, how are you to know what you really should be doing?

Inside the website, you’ll find effective autism treatment protocols and a bounty of helpful information - in the form of videos, articles, and lectures.

A Good Doctor Nearby Is Your Best Ally

Of course it's always best to have a caring, personal doctor close to you. You'll need a competent doctor to manage your family's health care. But chances are that doctor is a general practitioner, trained in traditional medicine. That means you might have problems getting answers to your specific questions on autism. And you may find it difficult to locate an autism specialist in your area.

From our perspective, the next best thing - and one that's far more affordable - is to have access to a professional online. You get DR. WOELLER "ON CALL" day or night. Yes, 24/7 access to ask Dr. Woeller questions on his private forum. You'll never feel "alone."

At the autism recovery system website, you get up-to-date, cutting-edge information and professional support that enhances your own education so you can better care for your loved one.

More About the Autism Recovery System

The Autism Recovery System is a six module, biomedical treatment for autism intervention course. This course is designed for parents and caregivers helping a loved one with autism. Principles and practices shared in these teachings are the exact same principles and practices Dr. Woeller uses in his private practice.

It’s an invaluable tool that provides you with an ongoing education on the latest information and protocols. Instructional videos provide tips and suggestions. They also walk you through various treatment therapies and scenarios.

You also get Dr. Woeller’s recommendations on the best sources for lab testing, dietary resources, and supplements.

You can even order your own lab testing through the website. This is typically something you would only be able to do through your own family doctor. But that's no longer the case.

Information on the website is set up to be easily translated into virtually any language, through Google. And all content is readily available on any device including laptop computers, iPads and other tablets, as well as smart-phones.

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What You Get When You Join

There are three different packages available. Choose the option that best fits your budget. Included with every package are the following:

- Autism recovery 101 course
- Methyl B12 For Autism book
- Access to lab testing
- Monthly case studies
- Access to supplements
- Biomedical protocols

- Troubleshooting
- In-depth articles
- How to videos
- Private forum
- Other resources

They also offer a bonus. When you become a member of the Autism Recovery System, you also gain access to the step-by-step handbook called, “Methyl B12 for Autism”. Methyl B12 has been called the “wonder drug” because of its remarkable effects on children with autism. It can help improve their social skills, communication, focus, eye contact, and vocabulary.

Dr Woeller's Private Forum with 24/7 Access. 

This benefit is perhaps the best benefit of all... the Autism Recovery System Private Forum. Parents and caregivers love the private forum. Just imagine having your own Autism treatment specialist "on call" 24/7 to answer your questions. Dr Woeller as well as other experienced parents who are dealing with the same challenges are ready and willing to help. In the private forum no questions are off limits, get answers when you need them most. 

Find out more about biomedical treatment for autism and so much more. You won't find this kind of access to an Autism Treatment Specialist like (Dr Kurt Woeller) anywhere else online or even in private practice.

Risk Free Trial

You can check out the website risk-free for two full weeks. Should you decide to subscribe, you're not locked in for any long-term commitment either, since you can cancel at anytime. If you have a child or more than one who's on the autism spectrum - I'm confident you'll find this site well worth your time and money.

Customers Overwhelmingly Approve

Following are snippets from comments submitted by actual buyers:

- “It's a helpful resource for those who want to get started with biomedicine, but don't know where to begin”
- “Great that there's access to testing and interpretation of test results”
- “Helpful to tap into a network of parents with experience, as well as a qualified doctor”
- “It's education and support in one”
- “Irreplaceable support, guidance, and medically sound advice”
- “The information provided is empowering and helps build resolve in parents and caregivers to not surrender       to autism”
- “Using this approach can help a child become more focused, more calm, more understanding of others, more     cooperative,  and life in general - for the child and everyone around them - gets better”
- “Helps a parent get more rest and live with a lot less stress”
- “Getting expert advice is readily available and only a few keystrokes away”
- “A comprehensive biomedical treatment plan seems to be the key to a better life and even recovery”
- “I spent the first year after my daughter was diagnosed researching anything and everything I could - about       autism. I didn't find even a fraction of the information that is provided at this website”

- "The private forum is so helpful"

Autism Recovery System - Our Verdict

It’s difficult to imagine a scenario where a parent or caregiver would not benefit in some way from a membership to the Autism Recovery System. There’s plenty of useful, medically-grounded information that’s up to date.

But you could argue that the real value here is having access to Doctor Woeller – someone who understands the underlying causes of autism and how to treat complex medical issues that have a significant impact. Either way, the information provided on the site can help empower you to tackle the challenges of autism and help your child to a better life.

Doctor Woeller has a special gift in the way that he is able to interpret complex medical information and translate it into material that makes a lot of sense, in a practical way.

The cost of entry is low enough that this should be a resource parents and caregivers strongly consider. We recommend taking it for a test drive to see if it’s a god fit for you and your situation. If not, there’s no charge. That’s not something we get to say very often. So you really cannot lose.

Therefore, having access to Dr Woeller along with his cutting-edge information, training and personal support makes this program  a must have for parents and caregivers. The Autism Recovery System is your one proven source for your own education so you are better prepared to help your child on their road to recovery.

There is no known cure for Autism. But parents and caregivers must understand, "Autism is Treatable and in some cases Recoverable".

In the Autism Recovery System you'll learn how and why Biomedical treatment for autism intervention is one of the best ways to help your child with autism. 

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Get the Facts Every Parent and Caregiver Needs to Know!

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